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The Black And Silver Tapes


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Sean Ashworth was one of the first people I met when I returned to Miami in January 2011. I was working behind the counter at Sweat Records and this guy walked in with a huge smile on his face. He introduced himself as “Ashworth,” and we became quick friends. Everyone knew Ashworth. He was in the sound/light booth at so many local events, if not in the DJ booth spinning the bass-heavy music he loved. Sean’s love of music transcended the club scene too – he was fascinated by rare psychedelic rock, weird/glitchy electronics, and most things experimental. He was also extremely gifted with building, bending, and repairing electronics. When he talked about a new pedal he was prototyping, or a crazy bend he found on some shitty keyboard, his eyes lit up, and there was that huge smile again.

The day before INC (International Noise Conference) 2015, he walked into Sweat and plopped a beautiful, wooden box with purple knobs onto the counter. He’d made me an oscillator, “just because,” he said. We’d collaborate more through the years, as he would with so many other local artists. I can’t begin to count how many of us have multiple AUDIOID devices in our gear arsenals. Sean understood electronics in a way most people can’t comprehend, and this transferred into his performances with them. He could command a room with a shoe box full of wires and a step sequencer, throwing copies of homemade tapes into the ecstatic crowd.

We often talked about plans for releasing tapes through Other Electricities. He loved the format and I wanted to help his music reach an even wider audience. Then, as it does, life happened, people got busy, responsibilities ensued, things got delayed. And then, after battling a relapse of the Leukemia he’d worked to keep at bay most of his life, Sean passed away in April 2018.

Being the constant collector and tinkerer he was, Sean left a lot behind with friends and family. I’m sure there are tons more tapes out there, but I had two, one black, one silver glitter, with “AUDIOID” scrawled across them. Since 2019 would be the first INC without him there, it seemed fit to play the tapes during interludes on the Apostrophe’s Stage so AUDIOID could have one more INC run. True to form, many people came up to me asking what was playing…

So now, as I think/hope Sean intended, here are 4 tape sides of, knowing him, completely improvised bedroom studio sessions, recorded to (recycled) cassette tape. The pay-what-you-want feature is enabled for downloads. Anything collected through these recordings will be donated to Leukemia research, in Sean’s name.

–Emile Milgrim, April 2019


released April 26, 2019

Sean Ashworth (AUDIOID): Electronics, cassette recording.
Transferred and mastered by Emile Milgrim.


all rights reserved



Other Electricities Miami, Florida

Sounds and the like: Low Low, Jatun, Small Sails, Sneaky Thieves, Fessenden, Glowworm, Baja, DotTapeDot, Dokkemand, Black Feather, João Orecchia, Lanterns, Gultskra Artikler, Hess/Tilmann, Male, Tallest Trees, Bacanal Intruder, Motèl Mari, Holly Hunt, Giulio Aldinucci, Dim Past, Givan Lötz, Fsik Huvnx, Yankee Roses, Treasure Teeth, Sicker Man, Dino Felipe, dsrtdbch, AUDIOID, SAAVIK... ... more

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